Chafing Fuel Can

8 hour for food warming

worth with the price and

safe for 100%

The comparison between Canheat & Alcohol gel

The average at ฿2 per hour lower than other fuel.

The comparison for the costs

Compared per hour. Can Heat has the lower cost than other for at least ฿2 per hour. while others have higher costs. For example, alcohol gel will cost about ฿7.5 per hour and cost about ฿18 for alcohol solid fuel. Hence, using Can Heat has low cost which make you save your money.

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Save more with the refills

CanHeat can be used with the refills which help you save for more without purchasing the new cans, but only the gallons for refill.

The liquid is not flammable; 100% Safe

The liquid is not flammable even it split because it will be flamed only with the wick.